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  Select Jie Rui's         Big reason6 reasons to choose clean6

1Slim production strength - sufficient inventory to ensure that the goods period

Our products are excellent materials, the use of advanced production technology, popular at home and abroad customers alike.

2Glasses cloth fiber close

The different levels of the bag that is the internal factors, should be coordinated with the corresponding external factors, the fabric tight.

thermal transfer glasses cloth

5Ensure on-time delivery

7X24 hours service system, the company has an independent division, the coordination of various departments,

Fully meet customer short delivery requirements, any problem for the first time for you to solve, to protect the interests of customers.

6Super first-class price

All production processes are completed in their own workshop, cost-effective.

glasses cloth manufacturers

3"Integrity services," the purpose

Quality first, reputation first

4Cooperation and more customers, an excellent beer mouth

Cooperate with most famous brands.

glasses bags


glasses bags

Shenzhen Jie Rui Fiber Fabric Co., Ltd. is a research, development, production, sales and service as one of the professional ultra-fine fiber products, we have advanced ultra-fine fiber technology, its products have the leading domestic and international level of ultra-fine fiber clean cloth, Cloth glasses bags, glasses cloth, Shuangmian Rong, cell phone bags, suede gift bags and other products. Product specifications, high quality, excellent price and widely used in a variety of optical glasses, digital camera products, LED display, precision electronics, game consoles, musical instruments, mobile ...



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